We are RECILEC, a leading company in the waste management of electrical and electronic equipment.

The integral and efficient solution for your electrical and electronic waste
with full guarantee of service and strict compliance with current regulations


In RECILEC we manage the waste of electrical and electronic equipment, but we do not limit ourselves to its recycling but we seek to minimize the environmental impact in all our activity. Our resources, technologies and processes have been designed to achieve maximum efficiency, levels of decontamination and exploitation of the materials contained in the waste and its reuse.

We work with all groups to raise awareness of the importance of properly managing these wastes for the environment preservation and involve them in their selective collection.

In addition, we offer a personalized consulting service to our clients, facilitating compliance with environmental regulations.


FCC Ámbito

We guarantee an integral service for the management of WEEE

Collection + Transport

We provide a complete waste collection and transport service


Our monitoring system is based on the control of the waste until its arrival to our facilities

Plant treatment

We work with the best technologies to ensure the decontamination of WEEE


We have the necessary permits and licences to carry out a correct waste management

Due to the high quality of our efficient processes
we guarantee more than 85% of material recovery of the waste

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